A P2P cryptocurrency focused on monetizing digital participation

Because your thoughts have value


KREDS - "Digital currency, action reward token, subscription unlocker."

The Kreds currency will be used by our team to create an ecosystem of world utility, action-based reward, and currency within several media and news websites.
To satisfy the enjoyment of subscribers and users of our sites, small amounts of Kreds will be awarded to users for engaging in certain actions and content. Once an established market and exchange is reached, Kreds currency will then be added for subscription payment for business services and more.

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  • Transition current/future mainstream site users and subscribers smoothly from our on-site rewards model into blockchain wallet software use and familiarity with cryptographic coins.
  • Develop a large community of current blockchain enthusiast through mining and trading.
  • Merge business site users with Kreds blockchain community through carefully calculated teaching and site transition of Kreds reward/payment model.
  • Transfer the Kreds currency to several sites easing more mainstream public users into the use of and knowledge of cryptographic blockchain freedom.
  • Kreds determines value through it’s use as both reward for certain onsite actions, and payment for subscription/unlockable services.
  • Promote the use of cryptocurrency worldwide by giving value to onsite interactions and proper information and introduction.
  • Site users will already be using Kreds without their knowledge to lower the barrier of entry once announced to them in an upgrade to each site user base.
Kreds Distribution Chart


PoW Algorithm: Lyra2REv2
Block Time: ~120 seconds
Block Max Size: 4MB
Difficulty Retargeting: New D106 Algorithm

Block Reward: 112.5 KREDS
Block Reward Decrease: 1.5% Every 6 month
Coin Maturity: 50 blocks
Maximum Coin Supply: 1.1 Billion
Segwit: Active
Lightning Network: Compatible

Atomic Swaps: Compatible
Masternodes: Enabled
MN Colateral: 100000 KREDS
MN Payments Start Block: 15000
MN Reward: 50% of block reward
Breakdown in coin count:
Site action rewards= 553300000
Masternodes/miners= 497200000
Airdrop = 49500000

Business Premine Distribution & Escrow

The Kreds premine is intended to be used on content sites and other related projects where Kreds will be used as a currency to monetize participation; the intended distribution is detailed in the diagram below. Funds with a closed lock are in cold storage and will only be accessed when the intended project is launched. Services funds are securely stored and will only be accessed when required to pay for services directly related to the project. Janus Airdrop funds have been distributed and are currently available for use by their owners. In essence this means that at this point from the 600M premine, 50M Kreds are available to the market with remaining coins are in storage and reserved for future use.

A spreadsheet containing the individual holding addresses can be found here.
Note: the amounts mentioned do not include Kreds created as mining and masternode rewards.

Kreds Roadmap

February 2018




  • Launch Kreds network and begin proof of work.
  • Develop and deploy Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets.
  • Develop and deploy Android mobile wallet.
  • Contact exchanges and achieve early listing for price valuation to accommodate miners and first adopters.
  • Community building, beginning social media marketing.
  • Identify early cryptocurrency business partnerships.
  • Correct an issue with masternode outputs and deploy fix for users and wallets.
  • Block 15,000 Kreds Masternodes goes live.
  • Finalize testing for the first web business with Kreds integrated using utility action economic model.

March 2018




  • Launch Political news aggregator targeting mainstream users for both ad revenue and Kreds adoption.
  • Marketing continues, new user cryptocurrency education begins.
  • Upload mobile wallet to Google Play store with instructional video.
  • Focused growth in mining and blockchain community.
  • Observe on site user interactions with peers and Kreds earning model, detect economic issues early and add or remove benefits. Monitor user rankings and stellar user comments/opinions.
  • Contact high volume exchanges.

April 2018




  • Parse political website user data to track trends and improve on launch model.
  • Test additional Kreds network source code and new features Notify users and miners for upgrade.

May 2018




  • Roll out Kreds wallet update to reduce block rewards and increase masternode collateral.
  • Pursue total global marketing.
  • Begin testing of second Kreds integrated news website, identify areas of improvement and develop launch economic model to meet new genre. Offer opt-out ads via Kreds unlocker payment assuming market economics allow.
  • Launch Beta of Kreds WebWallet and launch Hackathon to test security.
  • Increase efforts gaining potential business candidates for partnership.
  • Prepare extensive documentation for new user support with Kreds features and use.

June 2018




  • Launch production version of Kreds WebWallet.
  • Launch Blockchain news aggregator onboard new users with micropayment and earning models.
  • Begin hiring further media and news curators.
  • Fine tune current 2 team websites economic models.
  • Evaluate Q1 and Q2 areas of improvement, commit new data gained to Q3/Q4 development and marketing strategies.
  • Commence development of hash-power exchange

KREDS Businesses


KrediblePolitics.com is our first content aggregation site. It scrapes news from various news sites and places them into a categorized listing. On each detailed story view registered users have the option to like and comment on the story.

The KREDS earnings model used on the site tops-up the users' balance every day: each action the user takes, such as liking a story, costs a certain amount of KREDS; if a users' comment or tag proposal is liked, he earns a certain number of KREDS.

The basic premise is that positive and constructive user contributions are rewarded and that trolling is minimized since each user action carries a cost. The site is currently in Beta and full withdraw and deposit functionalities will be added in the near future at which point a real world marketing campaign will be launched to drive user growth.



KREDS Partners

KREDS Services

KREDS Wallets



How to set up Kreds wallet/address?

- Please take a look at our address setup guide.

How to set up masternode?

- Please take a look at 'How to setup Kreds masternode on VPS - Rookie Guide' or our MN setup guide.

Do you have a masternode setup script?

- Please take a look at this github repository target.

How to claim your KREDS if you’re a JANUS holder?

How to claim your KREDS if you’re a JANUS holder?

- Please take a look at our guide here.

How to compile KREDS wallet on Ubuntu 14.04+

- Please follow our guide. Start from "Install Addons" section.


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Bjorn (Kreds Marketing)

Product Design
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Luis Batista (Ascendus)

Operations Manager
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Tim Nolan (TJ)

Marketing Coordinator
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Alphonso Morris (Almo)

Information Analyst
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Software and systems architect